Monday, December 6, 2010

"Leaf & Tangerine"

"Leaf & Tangerine"
7 x 5 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
Hi everyone, well this is the third and final painting of the tangerine series.  I've been wanting to paint these tangerines with their leaves for a while and glad I was able to do so.  With this painting I tried something different from my usual approach to rendering.  I wanted to make the painting be more alive rather than seem to polished.  I really liked playing with the looseness of the paints, to capture the lights and sculpt them to a quality I haven't done so in a while was entertaining and challenging.  I'm not saying this painting is completely loose, but it has different characteristic than I usually go for with my technique.  As stated in my other posts I really like trying new approaches with my technique, this allows me to find new avenues I never thought of and ones I hope not to go back too.  As long as ones constantly pushing themselves to reach that next level, there will always be new discoveries along the way.

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