Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Red Grapes" by Jonathan Aller

"Red Grapes"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I'm so happy to stay in and paint all day the weather out here is scorching HOT, it got to be 113 degrees fahrenheit with the heat index.  Even in the studio painting it got to be a little warm, its crazy to think that Minneapolis gets so cold in the winter and in the summer it gets unbearably hot.  As stated before I've been extremely busy with other paintings and teaching, I do miss painting these alla prima's and enjoy every moment I have when i'm able to do so.  I wanted to continue the theme of painting grapes on this beautiful marble piece, this time I introduced red grapes into the mix.  Red grapes have such beautiful textures to them, the soft lighting that wraps around the grapes and deep rich colors makes it enjoyable to paint.  
I also wanted to remind everyone that I will be giving a live demo at the Uptown Art Fair, it will be on August 5 from 1-5 p.m.  It'll be great to see you guys there!  I will also be teaching a still life and figure drawing workshops at the Bloomington Art Center, if anyone's interested you can now sign up for the classes.  Click here to see sign up!

You can see the making of this painting on my blog:

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