Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Grapes & Wine Glass" by Jonathan Aller

"Grapes & Wine Glass"
7 x 5 in 
Oil on Canvas Panel
Thanksgiving was so well needed the amount of food I ate was just ridiculous but I look forward to it.  Relaxing and being with family is always a nice thing to do, I wasn't able to work on any paintings but did have the chance to finish up some drawings.  I was itching to get back to painting after lounging around and not really doing anything, its nice to relax but to much of it can throw me out of sync.  I truly do love painting grapes from their texture to the colors that are deep within their skin, I can't find a bad thing about them.  What I also like about them is that their stem always has a gestural feel to it, its in charge of holding together all these little guys and maintaining a balance with their weight.  As mentioned before their texture is really beautiful to paint, their skin is able to absorb light and retain it with a glowing effect.  Light skims across their form and ever so lightly wraps around it, it's really neat to see the difference between each of them.  I wanted to continue the play with composition that I've been doing lately and introduce a wine glass to the picture, I felt it was fitting to incorporate it with the grapes and also have an opportunity to paint a shiny surface.  As beautiful as they were to paint they were even more delicious to eat afterwards, nothing beats painting one of these and eating them as a reward for being done.
I have exciting news I've been recently picked up by Art Resource Gallery in Edina, Minnesota.  I started showing their last weekend, I'll only be showing larger still life paintings and ball point pen drawings.  If anybody is in the neighborhood you should stop by and check out the artwork.  I also have two new classes at Bloomington Art Center that are being offered for the winter session.  If anyone is interested you can sign up by clicking here for the figure drawing class and here for the oil painting class.   

You can see the making of this painting on my blog:

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  1. very interesting about grapes. they do hold light, and differently. yes, they can be beautiful that way, like jewels. thanks for this:)