Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Quince Pineapples" by Jonathan Aller

"Quince Pineapples"
8 x 10 in 
Oil on Canvas Panel
These pear of unique pineapples I saw at the grocery store is something i've never seen before, I knew right away I had to paint them since their not the usual pineapples I'm used to.  I've been wanting to paint this red cloth for a while and thought pairing it up with these pineapples would be perfect.  Having to adjust to the daylight savings time has been a bit tricky to do, I have to start these paintings much earlier so I have sufficient natural light to paint with and to take pictures.  I haven't found anything that replaces using natural light it's the best source of light to use in order to have the purest colors.

You can see the making of this painting on my blog:

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