Monday, November 21, 2011

"Raspberries Aligned" by Jonathan Aller

"Raspberries Aligned"
5 x 7 in 
Oil on Canvas Panel
I always have so much fun painting raspberries, their texture and intense colors make it a delight to paint.  I wanted to play more with the composition between the red and black raspberries.  When painting the red raspberries I noticed how intense the reds got, its pretty subtle on how strong those reds can be without going overboard.  The black raspberries absorbed it's surrounding colors, at times it did show some reflected lights, I believe these two compliment each other well.  One of the other reasons I like painting these guys is because I get to eat them right after I'm done, but let me tell you it's hard to fight the urge to do so while painting them.  Thanks for stopping by and viewing I hope you enjoyed this one!

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