Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Poinsettia" by Jonathan Aller

10 x 8 in 
Oil on Canvas Panel
These poinsettia I thought would be nice to paint to continue the feel of the holidays.  Haven't painted flowers in a while and it was a little tough in the beginning to get used to.  Painting the gold wrapping under the poinsettia was also a challenge, to get the wrinkles and shine to come through the form took a while to achieve.  As mentioned in previous post I really love painting texture and this painting really took me up on that statement, it has so many different subtle textures happening creating those transitions were beyond challenging.  Although it was tough for the most part it was also a lot of fun to do, I learn something every time I finish one of these little guys.  I know I've said a million times that I learn a lot but its true either revisiting old techniques or improving my current one, its always showing me and teaching me something with every painting.  I hope you guys enjoyed this one, thanks for stopping by and viewing! 

Just a reminder I'm doing a portrait painting this Saturday at Art Resource Gallery in Edina, Minnesota.  Come down and check out the great art work in the gallery and heckle me as much as you can!

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