Monday, January 23, 2012

"Rosas Bianco" by Jonathan Aller

"Rosas Bianco"
9 x 12 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
Over the weekend I did a study of a Norman Rockwell painting and learned so much from it.  I love doing copies because I always get something out of it.  Norman Rockwell is one of my idols, I love the way he paints texture on every subject he paints.  I also love the way he depicts stories in his paintings, he is known for being an illustrator to me though he is a fine artist as well as an illustrator.  I recommend to any painter out there that wants to keep learning and improving on their skills to copy a painting they really admire, you will gain so much out of it from the color choices to the brush strokes they used.  When I started painting this one today I thought it would of been a walk in the park, well I was in for a rude awakening.  White roses are extremely hard to paint due to their subtle colors, if you don't control the value and colors it can get really bad quickly.  I cannot tell you how many times I was just going to stop with this painting, especially after doing the copy I thought I was just going to easily get this one done.  Once I completely started to concentrate on the light and how to render its textures on the leaves and roses the painting started to come along.  When I was painting the leaves that's where I saw the light in the end of the tunnel, I started to remember what I learned from the Rockwell study and put those two together.  I'm glad I stuck it through I learned so much and really happy with the results.  I hope you guys enjoyed this one, thanks for stopping by and viewing.
Norman Rockwell copy.

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