Monday, January 16, 2012

"Strawberries Marching" by Jonathan Aller

"Strawberries Marching"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
This is the last of the series of strawberry paintings, I had a lot of fun playing with their arrangements and seeing how far I can push it.  Their intense colors is also another reason why I wanted to continue painting them, their reds are just so strong and when you add details on top of that it just changes the dynamic of the chroma's.  Strawberries are tricky to paint because of their textures they have an alignment with their dots that can get confusing from one to the other, each of them have their subtle differences.  The best part of the whole experience is being able to eat them afterwards, when you add chocolate to the mix then its just icing on the cake.  
 I am doing a demo at Dick Blick in Edina, MN on February 9, I was going to do it from 12-3p.m. but due to prior engagements I have to change the time from 11-2 or 10:30- 2p.m.    
You can still sign up for "Pink Roses" alla prima lesson, check out the trailer above.

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