Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Look" by Terry Honstead

This 24 x 16 mixed media piece was done starting with joint compound on the support.  I used a roller  on it to add a texture and then waited for it to dry.  I didn't like how bumpy it turned out, so I took a chisel to it and took off the top edges.  It added wonderful light squiggles in the titan buff background.  I then transfered a picture that was taken of a rusty metal ornament on a brick wall.  I used a snake skin for the branch and hornet's nest fiber for the birds nest.  I also added parts of an old piece of lace, a doily, some music, writing, a broken piece of leather, some letters, some pages from and old book, some feathers, and an old dried up leaf.  It was a lot of fun designing this painting.  I was going to put some scrolls on in a couple of places with built up texture, but decided to go with oil based colored pencils instead.  To see more you can go to: or email me .

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