Saturday, February 2, 2013

Untitled work in progress landscape by Minnesota Contemporary Mixed Media artist Terry Honstead

 I thought I would post a step by step on this painting even though it is not quite done yet.  I started out by glueing down different kinds of papers.  Some of them were ones that I made (like the top row that is brown...I made this one using tissue paper and coffee grounds and water) Most of them were different textures and colors.   Then I used some molding paste to add texture to the foreground, thinking of trees and grasses as I did.
 Next I painted on top of the layers of papers, using purples and blues and then greens as I came forward in the picture.  I didn't paint the blue at all as I used paper the color that I wanted there.

 I started adding grasses and tree trunks to the foreground.  I also put in some shadows and rocks.

Then I added some yellow to spots on the foreground as well.  I also used a sea sponge to put the foliage on the trees in the foreground.  I put some shading on the water to bring the greens into it.  I am thinking at this point that I might add a little more hint of trees in the hill layers and  maybe a bird or something else.  I also will add some metallics to it.  I also should do some more shadows wider for the leaves of the trees.  I am not really pleased with this painting so far, but I will finish it anyway!

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