Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sugar Pie

Media: Oil on Belgium Linen,
Title:October Jewels
Size: 6x8
How to purchase, contact me directly

October Jewels
This is the time of the year when anything pumpkin sounds promising, Pumpkin pie, cookies, Bars, Pumpkin spiced candles the promise of warm fires in the fireplace as the weather cools down. Once again we become familiar with the interior of our homes like reconnecting with an old friend. Maybe thats why I am so crazy about pumpkins and squash! My gardens are loaded with them, you pick them, enjoy their decorative quality for months and still make nutritious meals and desserts to fill our tummies.
I love the varied colors of the pumpkin family, whites, greens, yellows, golds and orange and even pinks!
this group has such clear colors, they look like little jewels to me.


Media: Oil on Artist Panel
size: 5x7
How to Purchase: contact me directly or thru my web

This is a pair of Sugar Pie Pumpkins, the traditional deep orange, a small member of the squash family ( that in itself is debate-able, is it a squash or a pumpkin?) anyway I was devastated this summer when I found out that canned pumpkin you buy off the store shelves is really acorn squash! Has anyone else heard that? Here I've been making my pies from these cute little sugar Pie Pumpkins. So this year, I am going to test the difference between a squash pie and a pumpkin pie , side by side. I am sure I will have a few friends willing to help out with the tasting.

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