Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Golden Raspberries" by Jonathan Aller

"Golden Raspberries"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I've painted these guys once before and titled the painting yellow raspberries, I had someone reply to my blog saying these where also called golden raspberries.  I looked it up and they're right, either way they're beautiful in color and especially harder to paint.  Painting raspberries is not an easy task when you throw yellow into the mix it makes even more of a challenge.  It's good to go straight ahead and face these challenges as they teach us something.  With this painting I wanted to concentrate on the composition and introduce another object, it's a little tin cup that i've been wanting to use for a while.  Glad I was able to finally incorporate it into a painting, you would think it'll be easy to do so but trust me it's not.  I also wanted to take the textures further with this painting, taking more time in each section and honing down how light describes each surface.  To me thats the key, to paint how light effects an object and its textures.

You can see the making of this painting on my blog:

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