Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Pumpkin on Top" by Jonathan Aller

"Pumpkin on Top"
10 x 8 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I hope everyone is having a good day so far, I just finish painting this fun picture.  Balancing the pumpkin on top of the squash was a challenge and seeing how great they looked together you know I had to paint it.  As mentioned in the previous post I've been so busy lately and doing these have allowed me to slow down and just have fun.  It's great painting whats in front of you and play with the paints as best as you can, being so busy at times I just don't have the time for it.  I am realizing the more I do these when I'm extremely busy the better I feel after.  I've become addicted to doing these alla prima's which I don't mind and actually love doing.  I can see how doing these benefit my larger paintings that I'm currently working on and that was the whole plan from the beginning with these small guys.  
I apologize for not making process photos with this painting I'm really pressed for time so with the time I do have I get to paint it, take a photo and post it.  I did notice not doing process photos I went so much faster than what I usually go, which was nice to just go straight through a painting.  At the same time I do love sharing my process and my thoughts behind it, so don't worry this will not become a normal habit.  Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed.

You can see the making of this painting on my blog:

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