Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"White Roses" by Jonathan Aller

"White Roses"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
These white roses I first saw at my girlfriends sisters apartment and knew right away I had to paint them.  White can be such a subtle and difficult color to paint, it can retain so many different hints of colors that it can easily get to muddy.  Knowing how much I like to challenge myself with these guys I was definitely looking forward to it, not mentioning the background too how easy it is to get your palette muddy by using so much black.  All these components make a great experience in painting this subject, it teaches you many factors that go into controlling your craft and how far you can push your sense of color while being subtle.  When I was studying at the Atelier I remember the first cast I painted in color, it was an all white cast which I thought would be simple to paint since it was just one color with a green background and the color of the base.  I cannot tell you how many colors I used in that cast it had so many subtle hints of every color you can imagine, its incredible how your eye can play tricks on you or you think its just a plain color which in reality is not.  Needless to say I learned tremendously from that cast painting and so on, and it also reinstates what I tell my students observe everything you draw and paint to the teeth.  

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