Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Red's Reflected by Mn Artist JONI FINNEGAN

Plein Air Painting can be a wide variety of weather experiences. Calming quiet of the outdoors with bird song, sweet fragrances of outdoor blossoms, wild winds creating anchoring challenges, numb fingers from the cold, rain drops fighting with the oils on my pallete , dripping wet from hight heat humidity - there are times when all of those variables happen in the same painting excursion. Not even addressing the issue of bugs in all this. I am admittedly a fair weather painter, especially when I'm close to home. However, there have been plenty of painting trips where one paints no matter what the weather is. Once in a while those painting trips have the magic of absolute perfection in weather- like the day this painting was created. Early October, northern Wisconsin, the Autumn color was at its best with a barely felt breeze An occaisional leaf fluttering down on calm waters. I felt like I was standing in a pallete of yellows, oranges and reds. A treat in every way. A lovely memory to reflect on today as the Janurary winds are mightily gusting outside my studio window. Soon it will be spring, then summer and on to the fall with all the promise of another variety of painting experiences. 8x10 plein air oil painting done on a linen panel. to view more of my art please visit www.cfai.co/jonifinnegan/ and www.jonifinnegan.com

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