Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lake Windigo's Morning Greeting by Mn artist Joni Finnegan

Lake Windigo's Morning Greeting
Lake Windigo's Morning Greeting A waterscape Painting.. A sweet memory of an absolutely perfect October morning. I headed out early with my camera, walking thru the woods, bracket and bramble then waded thru backwaters to find the perfect view when the sun made it's morning appearance. It was worth it all. The light moved far too fast for a true plein air painting so I settled for a few camera shots and color notes on canvas. Then picked it up again this week- in the cozy warm comfort of my studio. Those good color notes made this painting a joy.. my brushes seemed to sing on the canvas. I enjoy all of the paintings that I do but some are different than others, like a sweet simple melody Size 6x12 oil painting on Linen by Mn Artist Joni Finnegan To view more of my art go to www.cfai.co/jonifinnegan/ www.jonifinnegan.com

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