Friday, September 17, 2010


8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
Hi everyone I decided to go back to some fruit paintings after painting so many delicious desserts, I kind of had to due to my waist size expanding.  I don't know how long I can keep from not going back to the pastry isle and picking up more things to paint and eat but I will try.  
I also wanted to thank everyone who signed up for my first online lesson.  There is still time to sign up just email me if your interested or leave a comment and I will put you on the list.  I will be offering online courses on how to paint these alla prima studies in one session.  We will go step by step in each lesson and make sure you understand my process on each level.  I will offer a critique through out the whole process till the end result.  There is a discounted price since this is my first lesson I will be offering online, it will be $50 for the first lesson.  The first lesson entails of the whole process of the painting, my video demo that I will send to each student explaining my process in thorough, critiques through out the painting, and one on one help at any time to help the student via email.  I'm really excited to offer this course to everyone and develop it further, thanks again!  

You can see the making of this painting on my blog!

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