Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's all about the journey...

Misty Morning in French Regional Park
8x16 oil
© 2011 Deb Kirkeeide

This is the result of a paint out with a few OPM members. It was a a pretty misty, grey day and it was early, but it was close to home and I decided it was time to get my butt out there and paint. I haven't
painted en plein air for over a year. I'm really glad I did. There were only four of us but it was a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday.

In three separate conversations, the phrase "it's not about the end result, it's about the journey" came up.
Three times! That to me, is a definite message from the Universe to pay attention. Also mentioned was the book Art and Fear, which has prompted me to revisit that book. I'm only partway through it but I'm realizing a few truths here  - stayed tuned... I'm expecting a big awakening here!

I have to admit, this Saturday, I let go of the results and just enjoyed the journey. And I have to admit I've gotten a great response from this painting.

Hope you all are focusing on the journey and havin' a blast!

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